The Psychology of Google Ads

Understanding consumer psychology can lead to more quality leads and conversions. In the episode, you'll learn how it works and how to benefit from it.

In digital marketing, advertisers often focus on the "tactical" implementation of ads. They focus on how to create them, when to run them, and what ad copy will work best. However, for your Google ads to be successful, you must consider the psychology behind your strategy.

What’s the target demographic? What are they thinking about? And what's their intent when they search for topics or keywords? - These questions relating to consumer psychology can give you a better view of the world of your lead prospects. In turn, achieves better ad performance and more sales,

In this episode, Kasim gives examples of missed opportunities because of poorly analyzed consumer psychology. He then gives useful suggestions on how to never miss another opportunity.

  • How placement affects customers
  • The psychological effect of product imagery and display ads
  • Tips to incorporate the psychological aspects in your Google ads

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